What About Attorneys?

Won’t my attorney be mad if I use the Rapid Rulings process?

Answer: Your attorney may earn less if you use Rapid Rulings. But your attorney has a duty to put your interests in front of his/hers. An attorney should value a satisfied client over a large fee that may be difficult to collect.

I have already paid a retainer to an attorney. Can I get that money back?

Answer: The attorney is entitled to keep any portion of your down payment for work s/he has already done. The rest should be refunded to you.

Why would an attorney recommend Rapid Rulings?

Answer: Attorneys should recommend an alternative to court whenever attorney fees will exceed the amount the parties are fighting over. There are a few exceptions: (1) the point of the lawsuit is to establish new law; (2) being in a public arena will be a tool to educate others about the issue; (3) resolving a question that might come up between the parties in the future; or (4) rarely, other reasons. Attorneys should also recommend Rapid Rulings when a party needs to end the dispute quickly. Using Rapid Rulings is helpful when businesses are trying to plan what quarter a loss or recovery might occur in. The same is true for tax planning – will any recovery or loss fall in a particular tax year?

Can my attorney be involved in the Rapid Rulings Process?

Answer: Yes, at your cost. Your attorney can advise you, read all Briefs, and the Ruling.  Your attorney can write your Briefs if you prefer.

I chose court over Rapid Rulings. I’m regretting that choice. Can I transfer my case from court to Rapid Rulings?

Answer: No, but there is still a way to switch to the Rapid Rulings process. Parties can agree to dismiss the case in order to use Rapid Rulings to resolve their dispute, or Parties can ask the judge to suspend any deadlines until after the Rapid Rulings process has concluded. Ask your attorney about the best way to enter the Rapid Rulings process.

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