Qualifications of Rapid Rulings

Other ways to resolve a dispute feature an expert as the person who decides the case.

Why would I choose Rapid Rulings, where I might get a jack-of-all trades who is master of none?

Answer: First, in court you are not guaranteed the judge will be an expert in the area of law needed for your dispute. It is rare to be assigned a judge who is strong in every area of the law. And your judge may change throughout the case.  In arbitration, usually there is an expert in the area of law that will be most important in the case.  If you mediate, the mediator might not be an expert in the area of the law applicable to your case.  The founder of Rapid Rulings is a trial lawyer.  Trial lawyers have to be able to learn every area of the law in order to be effective in the type of case being presented. The question is really “is the person who handles my case able and motivated to learn what needs to be known to decide this case fairly?” The public evaluation at the conclusion of each dispute makes Rapid Rulings highly motivated to become educated on any area of the law.

I am still concerned about having an attorney who is not an expert in anything decide my case. Having good ratings is not as important as getting to the right decision.

Answer: The founder of Rapid Rulings has civil litigation experience in contracts, information security, privacy, dissolutions, trademark/copyright/patents, insurance recovery, commercial and residential leases, mortgages, employment, malpractice, construction, civil rights, personal injury, trespass, safety, and other areas. She also has experience in misdemeanor criminal cases.

Is the founder known in the online dispute resolution community?

Answer: The Association of Conflict Resolution invited the founder to present at its annual conference in October 2017.  Her 90 minute breakout session addressed the need for a code of conduct in the field of online dispute resolution.  Several of those in attendance are leaders in the field, Professor Daniel Rainey and Colin Rule, Vice President of Tyler Technologies (the parent company of Modria).  Both are Fellows in The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution.  They are prolific authors in the field of ODR and were speakers at the conference.  

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