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My lawsuit is dragging on forever. How can I get this lawsuit over with without settling?

Answer: The Rapid Rulings system is designed for exactly that. You will receive a ruling made by an impartial lawyer that doesn’t require you to give in when you know you shouldn’t.

How do I know Rapid Rulings is faster than court?

Answer: Consider what happens when a lawsuit is filed in federal court. If the lawsuit is served by a process server, then the other party has 20 days to answer. If the party is served by mail, and the adverse party waives service by a process server (which is typical), the adversary automatically gets 60 days to answer the complaint. The whole Rapid Rulings process could have been completed in the time it takes to serve a lawsuit on someone and have them answer.

My lawyer says my state has Fast Track Courts. Why shouldn’t I just use that route, because I won’t have to give up my rights there?

Answer: Try googling Fast Track Courts. Most of the first and second pages hit courts in other countries. It is difficult to find any data on whether cases in fast track courts are resolved quickly. Even in fast track courts where cases are resolved more quickly than cases that are not in fast track courts, the fast target is a goal, and not a guarantee. And “fast” typically means a year, not 60 days.

How do I know Rapid Rulings will stick to the 60 day schedule?

Answer: Rapid Rulings is accountable to you, because there is a 10% refund of what you've paid for every day past the deadline for the Ruling.  That, and user ratings, are powerful motivators. 

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