How it Works

How the Rapid Rulings Timeline Works:

Once deposits have been made, Rapid Rulings will issue a 60 day briefing schedule as follows:

  • Day Zero: The date the schedule is issued.
  • Day 20: The date each party’s opening submission is due to the other.
  • Day 30: The date each party’s response is due to the other.
  • Day 60: The date Rapid Rulings’ Decision is due to the parties.

The first step to resolving your legal dispute is to register with Rapid Rulings.

How it Works

Rapid Rulings' alternative to court is designed to provide a quick resolution to a legal dispute. How? We do everything online, and guarantee a decision within 60 days.

No Contact Between Parties, Cost Controlled

Every step is completed online, avoiding a confusing and often unpleasant process. You control fees by deciding how much documentation to submit. For details, see our pricing.

To get started, simply register for an account. Next, you will complete a form that is sent automatically to notify the other party you would like to use Rapid Rulings. After the other party accepts your invitation, you will receive a notification of the deadlines to meet. Then you and the other party begin submitting dispute documentation separately. You each have an opportunity to respond to what the other says.

Two Contracts to Use This Process

You and the other party must agree with each other to enter into the Rapid Rulings process as part of the invitation step, using a check box. You each promise to abide by the ruling. To ensure Rapid Rulings uses the process it promises, during the deposit process, you will use a check box that confirms its obligations as well as yours.

Easy to Use, Completely Confidential yet Transparent

The website's dashboard will guide you through each step and let you know the next step in the process. All the while, you can rest assured the Rapid Rulings process is completely confidential. And you will know all about who is doing the research and writing the ruling. All business relationships are disclosed. Plus, you will see all communications between Rapid Rulings and the other party.

Rapid Rulings Dashboard View for example purposes only
View of the Rapid Rulings Dashboard